Technology and Quality

Rubber air spring is composed of a cord layer, inner and outer rubber layer orsteel wire ring by forming and curing to form a flexible body, use a rubberelement can realize the elastic compressibility of air。 Commonly known as the air spring, rubber airbag, airbag Guangzhou Gaoma pl.

Rubber air spring assembly consists of a rubber air spring, on the base, a lower base (piston), cushion the assembly form a closed chamber of the overall.

Rubber air spring according to shape into a capsule type, film type and sleeve type three categories. Press the sealing structure is divided into pressure self sealing, rim clamping, hoop ring seal type and mixed type four categories.

Load of rubber air spring is mainly composed of cord bear, cord layer is mainly composed of 2 layers, special requirements for products made of 4 layers of cordlayer. The inner rubber is mainly play the role of sealing, apart from the outerrubber seal, also plays a protective role.

Working principle

Rubber air spring work, lumen filled with compressed air, forming a compressed air gas column. With the increase of vibration load capacity, reduce the height of the inner cavity of the spring, to reduce the volume, increase the degree ofspring stiffness, effective bearing area of cavity air column increase, increase thebearing capacity of the spring. When the vibration load decreases, the springheight increased, the cavity volume increases, the spring stiffness decreases, the effective bearing area of cavity air column decreases, the bearing capacity of the decrease of spring. In this way, the air spring in the effective range, height,volume, an air spring with increasing and decreasing the bearing capacity of theflexible transmission, stable amplitude and vibration load of efficient control ofvibration load. Can also use the method of reduction, aeration, adjusting springstiffness and bearing capacity, but also with auxiliary chamber, to achieveautomatic control。

Performance characteristics

Rubber air spring assembly assembly, to the air spring filled with compressed air,the air can be compressed elastic effect, is a non metal spring has a spring action, at the same time the characteristic of rubber air spring has many advantages: metal spring rubber air spring with nonlinear characteristics, canaccording to need to its characteristic lines into the design of the ideal curve;rubber air spring stiffness along with the load change, so that the spring devicehas ideal characteristics: rubber air spring and can bear the axial and radial load,also can transfer torque: rubber air spring pressure can be obtained by adjusting, bearing capacity, Guangzhou 高马特 air spring which is adapted to thea variety of load demand: rubber air spring light weight, long service life: the high frequency of rubber air spring vibration isolation and noise performance。 Rubber air spring which small installation space, convenient replacement Guangzhou 高马特.

The main application

Application of 1 rubber air spring in vehicle suspension system。

The rubber air spring suspension method for elastic element is called the air suspension system. At present, foreign luxury buses, cars and tractors almostare equipped with air suspension system, the domestic luxury car is trial ready to use or the use of air suspension system。 When the vehicle with air suspension system, can automatically adjust the body height, body height remains unchanged, the natural frequency of the rubber air spring, vibration and sound insulation effect is good, can greatly improve the vehicle's ride, ride softness and comfort, and can effectively protect the car itself and transport precision instruments and equipment, reduce the number of repair and reduce repair cost,prolong the service life of the vehicle, and greatly reduce the impact of vehicles on the road, prolong the service life of pavement. With the application of the air suspension system technology maturity, and the implementation of nationalregulations on new car quality accreditation, prospect of air springs on the vehicle will become more and more popular and wide.

Application of 2 rubber air spring in the lifting equipment.

Lifting equipment used in traditional cylinder or hydraulic cylinder for liftingobjects, the required installation space, manufacturing difficulties, heavy weight,easy leakage, repair inconvenience. The use of rubber air spring as the liftingdevice lifting equipment, overcome the disadvantages of the traditional liftingequipment, no need for maintenance, long service life, convenient operation andreplacement. Therefore in the lifting equipment rubber air spring is gradually replacing the cylinder products.

Application of 3 rubber air spring in vibration damping device

The high frequency of rubber air spring vibration isolation, sound insulation and vibration frequency is low, can achieve better vibration isolation, ensure thesecurity and stability of the base vibration equipment and control system. So ithas been widely used as rubber air spring vibration isolation vibration sieve,luxury vehicle seat damping device。

4 rubber air spring for other purposes

Rubber air spring as the damping base, can effectively protect the precision equipment during transport from damage, such as missile launch and controldevice of transport。 Rubber air spring as a support tool, with its light weight,convenient operation, easy to repair the field of vehicles and equipment etc..

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